Mary will be appearing at the Toyota Country Theatre at TREC, Tamworth
Saturday 19th January 2008, 2pm


E! Entertainment U.S.A.
"The Ella Fitzgerald of Yodelling!" She's going to be BIG in this Country"

Famous English Comedian
"Her voice lifts my spirits and makes me smile!"

"The Wonder from Downunder!
What Michael Jordan is to Basketball
What Babe Ruth is to home runs
What Oscar Myer is to Weiners
Mary Schneider is to Yodelling!"

Los Angeles - Worldwide
"An Amazing Talent!"

Los Angeles
"Mary has started a World Craze!"

National TV Show – USA
"She's a wonderful World Class Power Yodeller!"

TV Show TNN Nashville (National)
"Mary gives a new ring to the Crook and Chase Theme Song!"

National TV Show USA
"Wow! What a voice!"

Artistic Director - Adelaide Festival of Arts
"Mary Schneider is one of a kind. There are Yodellers and Yodellers, but Mary has always had that extra something - the irrepressible urge to put a grin on our faces!”

"Move over Jimmy Rodgers!"

Today Show - Channel 9
"An Australian voice that made Americans stop and take notice!"

National TV USA
"Such and original sound!"

ARD TV Germany
"A Heavenly Thrill!"

RTL 11 TV Germany
"The World's first Punk Yodeller!"

ARD TV Germany
"Her Majesty - Australia's Queen Of Yodelling sings like a bird!"


Executive Summary: The perfect gift for the classical music lover on your Christmas list. Also serves as an excellent introduction to the Classics. Stop whatever your are doing and call your local record store and reserve your copy now!

Mary Schneider has provided us with a disc that has the potential of becoming a classic right up there with the likes of Florence Jenkins. While I consider myself to be something of a devotee of the absurd, when I first heard this disc yesterday, I found myself speechless.

The first track offers a medley of Overtures including William Tell, Carmen and the "Can Can:" by Offenbach. The program notes say it best "Maestro Tommy Tycho raises his baton-the orchestra begins- and you are taken on an exciting journey where the fascinating art of Yodeling meets the beauty of the Classics. The music arrangements were done by the Conductor. Mary ad Rita Schneider provided lyrics for some of the selections. You will hear such Classics as the Skaters' Waltz Yodel, music by Waldteufel, Hungarian Dance Yodel and other favourites. Mary and Tommy and the Sydney International Orchestra join forces with a chorus for Ketelbey's immortal "In a Monastery Garden". Other featured artists include Melinda Schneider, Mary's daughter. Together they turn their talents to the Clarinet Polka Yodel. Again, from the program notes, "To yodel the Clarinet Polka must be heard to be believed as it requires a yodeling technique almost impossible to achieve". Believe me, this is not just the empty rhetoric of advertising copy!

Rossini's "Largo Al Factotum" from Barber of Seville becomes "Largo Al Yodel" with "tongue-twisting lyrics especially written for this occasion by Mary and Rita Schneider". Mary's rendition of the Strauss Tritsch Tratsch Polka Yodel" is likely to serve as a model for yodeling students for years to come. The grand Finale of the disc is a collection of marches, "Yodeling Marchtime". You will hear the Washington Post, Sempre Fideles, Liberty Bell and Blaze Away done like you have never heard them before.

What makes this whole production so incredibly absurd is that Mary Schneider has a pretty damn good voice and is one hell of a yodeler.

If you have an appreciation of the absurd, don't miss this one.

(Classical Net reviews - Amazon)


Reviewer: Robert Langston (Mareno Valley, CA USA) (Amazon) FANTASTIC!! This is one of the most superlative and fantastic demonstrations not only of the esoteric art of yodel but of the beauty and scope of the human voice in song. Mary Schneider presents the classics in a serious tone along with a wry humour. Upon the arrival of this recording, I have played it non stop for most of the day. I can not seem to be saturated enough by the joyous feeling when my ears are bathed in Mary Schneider's talented presentation of the yodelled classics. Am waiting for another presentation by this fantastic yodel artist!! I am sure that anyone enjoying either of the classics or the art of yodel will find this a cherished find. Enjoy!!


Not since Spike Jones gargled the William Tell Overture has there been a disc to compare with that classic...until now. A party record "par excellence," it's probably fair to say that if you haven't heard Madame Schneider"s way with this music, then you don't truly understand the classics. She performs bits and pieces of Rossini, Bizet, Mozart, Offenbach, Brahms, Ketelbey, Beethoven, Strauss Jr., and a few others as well but here's nothing superficial or glib about these interpretations.

Indeed, Madame Schneider treats all of this music with the seriousness worthy of the greatest classics and brings her considerable yodelling artistry to bear on each selection. The contributions of her daughter, Melinda and the Sydney International Orchestra, to say nothing of the conducting and inspired arrangements of Maestro Tommy Tycho add considerably to the fun. One of the great records, of it's type, of course."


Listening to yodelling, which I have to do on my own because no one can stand it. I love an Australian yodeller called Mary Schneider. I've got everything she ever recorded. She can do anything - she can yodel the William Tell Overture. I makes me laugh when I'm in a bad mood. I'd sing along but I can't compare with Mary - it is very difficult!"


Reviewer: JenniferC Price (Everett WA USA) (Amazon) Anyone who has been classically trained needs to listen to this. The technique that is needed to do this in absolutely over the top! You cannot help but laugh uncontrollably when you listen, but then you cannot believe that someone can actually do this!

I dare you....What a great listening example for music students at school. I'm sure we will all be rolling on the floor together. Kudos to Mary. You are truly a Queen!


This is the first time I heard Mary Schneider. My wife and I couldn't believe what we were hearing! Crisp, clear, powerful, happy, joyful yodelling. I thought I died and went to heaven, I don't have words to express what her yodelling did to me. It tingled every nerve in my body....I literally wanted to shout and CRY with joy! I know that's a pretty far-out description, but at my age you simply say things the way they are. What it reminded me of was the movie "Amadeus". Remember Salieri, the mediocre composer who works to undercut the career of the prodigy Mozart? Remember how his all consuming envy and jealousy of Mozart's overwhelming superior creativity prompted him to say...(paraphrasing), that Mozart's Divine music could only have come from God favouring Mozart!? Well, even though I am a novice, Mary Schneider to me is the Mozart of Yodelling! I know what her voice does to me.....and that's all that counts! There is only one negative....after hearing her, all other yodelling is "less".


At work we have this giant room of CDs from the floor to the ceiling for use in trailers and promos. Every so often I dip into that room and go fishing for something new and interesting. Today my fine friends, I struck musical gold. Ms. Schneider is not called Australia's Queen Of Yodelling for no reason at all, she is one of the finest the land down under has to offer and thank goodness she is available here in the good old US of A. Oh I've listened to the more standard Scandinavian yodellers, hack all, this is where the proverbial yodelling rubber meets the yodelling road. If you're going to step into the yodelling arena there is one rule that you need to follow and that is "Go big, or go home". Period. Yodelling is not something that you can half-ass your way through, trust you me, the true fans of the craft will know it.
They will sniff you out like an airport security dog sniffing out the Thai stick. Thankfully Mary Schneider does indeed 'Go big". By tackling such classics as "Eine Kleine Nacht Musik" and "The Blue Danube" she shows she is not afraid of reimaging the works of the masters in such a way as to make them fresh and new. I can't remember the last time I heard "Symphony No 40 in G Minor" yodelled and felt as moved as I am right now.

Let me paint you a little picture of my listening enjoyment experience last night. I arrived home at quarter past eight, slipped into my satin smoking jacket and my lounging slippers (not my bedtime slippers) and relaxed in my lazy boy with heated vibration while I enjoyed a tasty Virgin Martini - dirty, that's with olive juice for those not in the know. Later on around cut 6, "Yodelling Gilbert and Sullivan's The modern Major General, I slipped off my plush footwear and rubbed soothing moisturizing cream on my feet and between my toes, placed a fan in front of them and drifted into a state of chilly bliss like I never before experienced, at least not while fully dressed. It reminded me of the arctic, not that I've been there but I did see "March of the Penguins". My favourite cut on the disc would have to be "Annen-Polka Yodel", I mean how does it get better than Polka Yodelling. If there is a heaven and I believe there is, this is the song that I expect to be blasting through the speakers at the pearly gates.

When looking for really great yodelling beware of pretenders Where it's more like Yo-da-la-he-WHO?!?! stick to the safety of Mary Schneider's Yodelling The Classics Vol. 1 (Which incidentally made M Kirk-Duggan's list of songs to drive your guests into the cold night...Fast on Amazon's Listmania!) and Volume 2. The only other Yodelling albums that I could really give approval os would be Arabic Yodelling. Renaldo and the Loaf (far superior to Renaldo's later solo work) or perhaps the near brilliant work of Montana Slim - the Yodelling Cowboy, Montana Slim from Nova Scotia.

So if you have a taste for fine Yodelling, it doesn't get much better than Australia's own queen of Yodelling, Mary Schneider. Check her you out, you won't be disappointed.