Mary will be appearing at the Toyota Country Theatre at TREC, Tamworth
Saturday 19th January 2008, 2pm

Australia’s Queen Of Yodelling

Mary SchneiderWhen the New York papers wrote "Mary Schneider, Australia's Queen Of Yodelling, takes New York by storm" it was yet another exciting development in the career of this legendary singer.
Firstly, let's look back down the road that has taken Mary from Queensland to 'Queen'!

The youngest of five musical children, Mary's father died when she was one year old. She began playing the ukulele at age four and caught the yodelling bug at six, probably from her German/Bavarian background. All her brothers and sisters would sit around the kitchen table every night and sing wonderful four-part harmonies. Yes - music was important in their household. As a child, she would practice yodelling while sitting up in a mango tree in the backyard of her Queensland Australia home.

Mary began singing professionally at age 11. Her performing career really began when, as the Schneider Sisters, Mary and her sister Rita had an Instrumental/Vocal Variety Act. They first recorded regularly for EMI Regal Zonophone and then had a long and successful career together. They appeared regularly on TV and at Venues and Clubs throughout Australia and Overseas.

Through the years, Mary developed into an accomplished musician and singer, taking operatic training and working on TV and Radio all over Australia and the Far East as a Jazz and Country singer. Her love of jazz developed through her brother who was a jazz guitarist in the style of Django Rheinhardt.

With an unquenchable combination of a powerful voice and vibrant personality, she has been in constant demand for personnal appearances and recordings. However, a frantic schedule of stage and media work kept her away from recording for many years until the 80s when she was persuaded to return to the studio to cut some yodelling albums. These featured a mixture of Country, Novelty and European songs which not only established Mary internationally as a yodeller of top quality but also triggered a yodelling revival. Mary has been recording ever since, and at present, is in the midst of a new Album.

During this time, Mary also became a rare Multi-Award Winner of the coveted "Mo" Award for Best Vocal/Instrumental Performer, the pinnacle of Australian Show Business - a winner of no less than five "Mo" Awards.
She has acquired many other Awards for her Singing and Songwriting Talents.

A major turning point in Mary's life began when one night she dreamt she was walking down a marble staircase - not only singing an Operatic Aria but yodelling it as well. "Yodelling The Classics" was born! A WORLD FIRST!

"Yodelling The Classics Vols 1 and 2" have been an important step in her career and made her a cult figure throughout the World. Mary's Albums have earned her gold and platinum status and she has been featured in the prestigious Guiness Encylopedia of Popular Music.

During her many trips to Europe, she has appeared on special TV Shows
- The Deutsche Academy Awards from the Berlin Opera House - In Concert at the Hanover Expo appearing with Sir Peter Ustinov and Jose Carreras - Winterfest Der Volksmusik - Queer Carnival and Casa Nostra Switzerland to name a few .... also Jean Paul Gaultier's Eurotrash three times.

In the USA, her appearances included Regis and Kathy Lee, The Howard Stern Show, Good Morning America, E-Entertainment, Crook and Chase, Good-Day New York, CNN's Showbiz Today and many more. She has also appeared in hundreds of TV Shows in her own country, Australia. Recently, she was chosen as one of the Icons in a special Documentary on UK/TV on Australian Icons alongside Kylie, Lifesavers and Red-back Spiders

Mary's music has been included in the Disney Movie "I'll be Home For Christmas", Torville and Dean Ice Skating Specials, Miller's Beer Commercials, Dudley Do Right Film, "Just Married" Movie, McDonald's Commercials, ABC Station ID, "Dirty Deeds" Movie etc.

Mary has been inducted into the "Hands Of Fame" "Walk Of Honour" "Walk A Country Mile" and with her sister Rita, was inducted onto the "Roll Of Renown". Recently, also with Rita, the "Lifetime Achievement Award".

Mary's wonderful career is still going from strength to strength after so many years and she still enjoys rave reviews due to her undeniable vocal excellence which is her trade mark.

"The Wonder from Downunder!
What Michael Jordan is to Baseball
What Babe Ruth is to home runs
What Oscar Myer is to Weiners
Mary Schneider is to Yodelling"

TV Show U.S.A.

"The Ella Fitzgerald of Yodelling!
She's going to be big in this Country!"

"E! Entertainment" U.S.A.

Mary Schneider ‘Australia’s Queen Of Yodelling’ is hailed throughout the world as one of our finest artists.

To understand the magnitude of Mary’s importance to the Entertainment World, here are 35 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MARY:

1. Renowned Internationally for reviving the lost art form of Yodelling in popular
2. Mary was recently featured as l of the Icons on a channel 5 (UKTV)
Documentary Special on Australian Icons. Mary appears along side Kylie, Lifesavers and Red back Spiders etc.
3. Mary appears in the ‘Guinness Encyclopedia’ of Popular Music.
4. Recipient of 5 prestigious MO Awards (an award for excellence) for 5 consecutive years.
5. “Sex in the City” and “Malcolm in the Middle” used Mary’s tracks in recent episodes.
6. From the age of 6 Mary practiced yodelling in the Mango tree in her Brisbane backyard.
7. Howard Stern described his guest as the “Ella Fitzgerald Of Yodelling”.
8. Performance career started alongside her sister, Rita with the formation of the Schneider Sisters.
9. The sisters performed on the first ABCTV variety show called “Seeing Stars”.
10. Decades of regular performances on TV shows including The Graham Kennedy Show, The Don Lane Show, Red Garter, The Rose & Crown Show, Mike Walsh Show, Midday Show, The Today Show, Good Morning Australia, Beauty & the Beast, Good News Week, Roy and HG Show, Rove Live and many more plus over 200 appearances on QTQ9 Brisbane.
11. Mary has sold over 250,000 albums in Australia
12. The Schneiderphone (a complex musical gadget with washboard, horns, bells and cymbals) is still played by Mary in her live performances.
13. Other instruments played by Mary include guitar, banjo, piano and piano accordion.
14. The Schneider Sisters performed for British, Australian and US troop throughout Japan, Korea and South East Asia and received an Honourable Award for their charitable services during that time.
15. There are over 50 couture designed costumes specifically made for her live performances.
16. Mary’s music has been included in Disney Movie soundtrack “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”, Torville and Dean Ice Skating specials, Miller’s Beer commercials, Dudley Do Right films 1 & 2, Just Married Movie, McDonald commercials USA, ABC station ID, Dirty Deeds Movie, Free serve Commercial USA.
17. EXPO 2000 – Hanover, performing onstage along side Sir Peter Ustinov, and Jose Carreras.
18. Has appeared at least 3 times on Jean Paul Gautier’s EUROTRASH.
19. Mary is a Gay Icon and has many admirers including Julian Cleary and Elvis Costello.
20. Adelaide Festival Of Arts – performed at Symphony under the stars.
21. Melbourne – Midsummer Festival.
22. German Film Festival (Academy Awards – Berlin Opera House) performed along side Brian Ferry.
23. ABC documentary –“Long Way To The Top” (An Australian history of Rock’n’Roll) CD featuring Schneider Sisters 1956 release “Washboard Rock’n’Roll. The first or second Rock’n’Roll record ever recorded in Australia.
24. Caused a Media Frenzy on a US Promo tour where she appeared on: The Howard Stern Show, Regis & Kathy Lee, Good Day New York, CNN Showbiz Today, Good Morning America, The Today Show USA, E Entertainment, Crook & Chase Nashville.
25. Atlanta’s Thrashers (Ice Hockey Team) commercial used Mary’s “Skaters’ Waltz”.
26. Appeared on over 200 radio shows in the USA.
27. Hong Kong TV Specials – Schneider Sisters in Hong Kong.
28. John Singleton (2KY) kick started radio airplay with a track from her first album “The Magic Of Yodelling” which went Gold and Platinum.
29. In 1978, Mary was inducted into the “Hands Of Fame” Tamworth, Riverland “Walk Of Honour” and Tamworth “Walk A Country Mile”
30. In 2002, Mary and her sister Rita (Schneider Sisters) were inducted to the Roll Of Renown Tamworth for their many years of recording and success in the Industry. The Roll Of Renown is a bronze plaque erected on a granite rock outside the Entertainment Centre Tamworth. The most prestigious award given to Country Artists. There is only one Award presented every year.
31. Mary appeared in recent ABC TV Documentary on the history of Australian Show Business called “Love Is In The Air”.
32. In Germany, Mary sang at the Deutche Academy Awards at the Berlin Opera House.
33. Mary has just finished a season at Star City Casino with Todd McKenney.
34. In October, 2005, Mary and her sister, Rita (The Schneider Sisters) were presented with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the Ace Awards.
35. Has just signed an American record deal with Koch Entertainment.


After reading all this, you must admit ‘there’s something to SAY about Mary’.